Angkor Beer Ring Pull Promotion 2015

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Cambrew makes efforts to improve welfare of Beer Promoters.

  To improve welfare as well as to strengthen team spirit of their Beer Promoters (BPs), Cambrew had organized team work building trip to Siem Reap province from August 13 to 15, 2012 for more than 600BPs.

Under the guidance of Cambrew’s Human Resource personnel and DP supervisor, the team had a chance to study the history and culture heritage of the country, while enjoying and dancing games. The company’s activity had caught much PS attention, where their story was published in both newspaper and video clip on IV.

Being the employer of more than 600 Beer Promoter across the country, Cambrew always makes efforts to improve welfare of their BPs through realistic actions. The company has also received the recognition from the Beer Selling Industry Cambodia (BSIC) for their tremendous efforts in improving their BPs’s welfare. Major area of improvement include the condition of employment, monthly incomes, understanding of company benefit , training, knowing how to deal with customers and to protect  themselves



There's a dark force that is slowly sweeping Phnom Penh's nightlife and everybody is shouting "Black is Back". Thrones of young, brave and bold partygoers are coming out all decked inn black, not afraid to show the world they are joyfully embracing their dark side. Now before anyone panic, we are not talking about something sinister corrupting our youth. Rather it's all about the latest craze that the country's premier dark stout has conjured up for the young at heart. Angkor Extra Stout has started rolling the "Dark Side Party". Angkor Extra Stout is the only beer in Cambodia to have won the most prestigious Grand Gold Award from the Monde Section of Belgium. And now the only beer in Cambodia who wants you to party like there is no tomorrow. Every week Angkor Extra Stout descends upon the city's happening night haunts and pumps up a party like no other. The dark side party encourages everyone to embrace their dark side, to be brave, to be bold and not to be afraid to be different. During any of the party anyone who comes in black are immediately welcome in the group are free bottle of perfectly cold Angkor Extra Stout. The party then is kicked off by the arrival of the Dark Side Angels. Gorgeous beauties that make sure that the party is kept grooving on as the night move on. And to make sure everyone's spirit is never dry, special offer is up for group the whole night. Plus a lucky draw that comes automatically with your free Angkor Extra Stout Beer.
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