Cambrew makes efforts to improve welfare of Beer Promoters.

  To improve welfare as well as to strengthen team spirit of their Beer Promoters (BPs), Cambrew had organized team work building trip to Siem Reap province from August 13 to 15, 2012 for more than 600BPs.

Under the guidance of Cambrew’s Human Resource personnel and DP supervisor, the team had a chance to study the history and culture heritage of the country, while enjoying and dancing games. The company’s activity had caught much PS attention, where their story was published in both newspaper and video clip on IV.

Being the employer of more than 600 Beer Promoter across the country, Cambrew always makes efforts to improve welfare of their BPs through realistic actions. The company has also received the recognition from the Beer Selling Industry Cambodia (BSIC) for their tremendous efforts in improving their BPs’s welfare. Major area of improvement include the condition of employment, monthly incomes, understanding of company benefit , training, knowing how to deal with customers and to protect  themselves

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